We believe clients are best served when they are empowered with knowledge. Any advisor can list out a client’s goals and sketch a plan to achieve them, however, education around what is possible and the process of dialoguing/thinking/reasoning together is where the real value lies. The process of plan development is more valuable than the plan itself because the one certainty in this life is change.

Having a partner to modify and discuss the plan as ‘life happens’ is immensely valuable.

Core Values 


‘Cure’ is Latin for care and the root word of curiosity.  We demonstrate our curiosity by asking questions and truly listening. Truly caring. 

  • Questions that require us to articulate what we really want in this life are where the real work is done.  We ask the question because we care and want to know who you are, what you want to be, and are becoming.   Reasoning on how to get there is the natural next step.  And, if I have done my job, the action that follows is self-evidently true to who you are and what you want to become.  
  • Axiom demonstrates curiosity by a commitment to professional development.
  • Designations, Continuing Education, and an eager desire to ask better questions.


‘Cor’ is Latin for heart and the root of courage. 

  • Our desire to help our neighbor is who we are.  
  • We demonstrate courage by asking the questions that reveal the heart's most earnest desires.
  • Fear, and its fruit, are the opposite of courage.  We believe in abundance and a more beautiful future than we can possibly imagine now.  At the deepest point of any crisis, the seeds of opportunity are sown, and the new shoots are about to bolt. 
    Axiom demonstrates courage by always doing the right thing, even when it hurts… and hurts bad. 
  • Axiom demonstrates courage by servicing clients under the motto “It’s more important to get it right than try to be right.”
  • We are more together, and courage drives our community and culture.


From trewe (trusty, faithful, honest).

  • Transparent, Fee-Only and under the fiduciary standard.
  • Truth is like a wild animal, it refuses to be cornered, and nothing is more exhilarating than when it shows itself.  At Axiom, we seek the day Truth shows up and reveals what was once concealed.  A commitment to seeking Truth is the bedrock on which Axiom is built. 
  • All forms of reason have foundational beliefs that are presupposed to be true.  Although we relentlessly question these foundations, we certainly have them and will openly share them with whoever asks.