Neal Richards

Financial Advisor, CEO
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Neal Richards is the CEO and author of Axiom Wealth Strategies.  He founded Axiom in the desire to help families build true wealth.  He believes that there are lasting principles to wealth building that, if understood and embraced, yield fruit in this life and in the lives to come.  He believes these principles of wisdom are where true wealth resides. He named the firm “Axiom,” which means “self-evidently true,” with the hope of pointing to this wisdom and reveal where true wealth is found. 

Neal began his career in 2007 working in Bend during the financial crisis and the great recession for Northwestern Mutual, a Life Insurance company.  This experience helped refine his business as well as his personal financial planning.  In 2012 Neal began working for Wells Fargo Advisors where he worked helping clients invest and plan.  His experience at Wells Fargo Advisors amalgamized his investment philosophy as well as his conviction in the value of planning over product.  In April of 2017, Neal joined Cascade Financial Strategies, an independent RIA, where his practice blossomed into what it is today.  

Neal and his wife Lindsey, married since 2006, reside in Bend Oregon where he and his five kids (Lydia, Thomas, Hazel, Miles and Ambrose) Puppy, 20 chickens, 2 rabbits, 2 cats, a goose, 10 ducks, and a fish share life together.  When he isn’t working or at home he can be found running and biking the local trails and training for triathlons at the pool. 

Who he is can be reflected in the people in his life he is most thankful for:

  1. His wife and kids: “I’m not sure where you end, and I begin.”
  2. His mom and dad, Janet and Thomas Richards: “I am eternally grateful for you both.”
  3. Working associate, John Aspell: “I owe you my career… thanks for taking a chance on me.”
  4. Rene Girard, RC Sproul, Dave Ramsey, Nick Murray, Michael Kitces: “These people have given me the lens through which I see the world.” 

Robert Wallace

CFP®, Financial Advisor
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Robert Wallace is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Lead Financial Advisor on the Axiom Wealth Strategies team.  Robert joined Axiom Wealth Strategies with the desire to empower people to live the one life they have the best way possible.  This includes helping clients articulate what really matters to them, drawing out what ‘true wealth’ means in their lives, and establishing a plan for pursuing it.  As Lead Advisor, Robert acts as a guide, or partner, to make it easier to manifest today the future you want to live tomorrow.

Robert began his financial planning career in 2016 at Crown Wealth Management in Costa Mesa, California.  During his time there, he gained experience in many aspects of retirement planning, portfolio management, estate planning, charitable giving, risk management, and tax planning.  He grew from intern to lead financial advisor in just 5 years.  Robert loves helping clients plan for transition, both the expected and unexpected, and he has a particular passion for seeking tax-efficient strategies pursuing long-term goals.   

Robert graduated from the University of California-Riverside in 2002 with a degree in business and history, and earned his graduate certificate in Personal Financial Planning from the University of California-Irvine in 2016.  Robert began volunteering with the Financial Planning Association of Orange County as a student in 2015 where he earned accolades for his dedication to the profession of Financial Planning.

From the age of 10, Robert envisioned a career as a family doctor, desiring to become a ‘healer’ by building long-term relationships with patients and help improve their quality of life.  Medicine did not manifest as his path after all, but Robert discovered financial planning, where his sense of purpose coalesced.  In Financial advising, he found a vocation that utilizes the best of his talents and abilities to help others live a better life. 

Robert and his wife, Blanca, moved to Oregon in 2020 to be closer to family in the Pacific Northwest, and to begin a fresh start for themselves after successfully launching three children into flourishing lives of their own.  Robert and Blanca reside in Newberg, the “Gateway to Wine Country”, with 5 chickens, their daughter’s cat, and a zest for adventure.  When not working, they love backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, exploring great eateries, and jumping in puddles with their young granddaughter at every opportunity.  

Robert holds these virtues preeminent in his life:  

  • Wisdom – Knowledge of how to live well is the most precious virtue of all.  
  • Hope – The best is yet to come, and we have the power to get there! 
  • Gratitude – We have the choice whether to take Life for granted, or take it as granted.
  • Curiosity – Be open to Life, and listen from the heart.
  • Enthusiasm – Inspiration is all around us! 

Kem Rondeau

Executive Assistant
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Text:   (541) 625-4196

Kem Rondeau is the Executive Assistant for Axiom Wealth Strategies. She has extensive experience in administration having held positions in human resources, teaching, license coordinator and a variety of management roles. The rapid growth of Axiom Wealth Strategies is an exciting and challenging adventure that utilizes all the valuable wisdom gathered through experiences. Her outgoing and warm-hearted personality makes it easy to connect and bring out the best in others.

Kem graduated from Northwest Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts with secondary education and currently studying for the SIE exam and Series 24.

Kem was born and raised in Oregon. She has lived in Bend for last four years with her one-year-old lab, Jadee. She is indescribably thankful for the people in her life including her children, grandchildren, family and friends.

Outside of work she enjoys hiking, traveling and photography as well as being a part of the community by giving back to the schools.